A bit of a bit

Well I’m all moved. Again! It feels like I’ve been packing and unpacking for two years straight. We’ve finally settled into our new home in Cave Creek Arizona and I’m pretty happy to be in one place for awhile. The rental was beginning to become a headache and reminded me why I shouldn’t be renting […]

A bit of a bit

By maziwa makuu project, hr & digital consultancy

Management of Social Media Networking & Marketing, Communication from Service Provider to Customers, Searching out Customer Needs, Helping in Setting Up Social Network Packages, Explanations on Social Media Platforms Interconnections, Working as Front Liner in Customer Service,Excellent Understanding of Business & Spotting Opportunities, Writing Quality Content, Build Links, Network & Translation of Digital Information,Establish & Create Websites, Blogs and Social Media Accounts, Do Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Podcasts, Online Marketing, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytic s, Web Marketing, Online Business, Growth Hacking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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